Planning for grants is an essential element to succeeding with grants.  We develop Grants Master Plans for local government authorities or Grants Plans for one-off projects.  The Plans identify grants available as well as additional information enabling you to be proactive towards grants.
Application and Acquittal writing can be quite the task for many organisations, particularly if you don't have the time or resources to develop quality materials and obtain supporting documentation.  Grants Empire has the networks, skills and knowledge to prepare applications, acquittals, business cases and project plans.
Our main focus is encouraging best practice in grants management.  It is crucial to maintain an accurate corporate record of grants your organisation has applied for as it can impact upon future grant applications.  We develop procedures to allow for efficient coordination of grants which is valuable for organisations applying for multiple grants.
We provide advice in relation to appropriate grants available to your project and can review applications already written prior to submission. We also provide advice in relation to grants management practices and how best to plan for upcoming grants.
For a quote to develop Grants Master Plans, write applications and business cases or grants advice, please email us via the contact page.

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